Deterring Intruders From Eating Your Flowers!? We Can Do That.

One of our clients found an accidental use for their LVT unit.

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March 17, 2021
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Michael Hanks
Customer Marketing Manager
LiveView Technologies

A customer of ours recently stumbled upon a new use for our units and I never would have guessed how.

Last fall, they put a unit in place to help monitor and protect their events. Hundreds of thousands of visitors visit their property each year, and after implementing our unit they reduced car break-ins to zero! That’s just one fun fact, and we will talk about that and other findings surrounding their event security in a later post/case study.

What I loved the most was when they found a new use for our unit by accident! Their unit was monitoring a certain section of land and they started getting notified of intruders. Not human intruders, but deer intruders, and they were eating their flowers. What you need to know is that these flowers are used for a huge festival every year, so they need them to NOT be eaten as these gardens are the main attraction. Typically in the past, they lost thousands of dollars each year losing budding flowers to wildlife, however, our LVT unit now detects when the deer enter the area and alerts security management before any harm is done.

Using real-time access they either use our speaker system to scare them off or deploy a team to help direct them off the property, thus saving them all that money and frustration of losing flower buds.

This isn’t the first time surveillance has been used to monitor and track wildlife. You may have seen a lot of footage in the last few years of numerous animals crossing a newly developed bridge built over a busy freeway just for wildlife! Here’s a video if you haven’t seen it yet.

Though LVT specializes in the areas of retail, construction, infrastructure, law enforcement, and housing, the applications of our units continue to expand. Seeing it show the beauty of nature and provide safety to wildlife is maybe my new favorite use case. Who knows, maybe understanding and tracking wildlife migration could be one of our solutions.

If you’re a current customer and are finding new and exciting ways of using our units, I’d love to hear all about it! Shoot me an email at or connect with me on LinkedIn

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