Confronting the Issues Facing Law Enforcement

As their budgets are cut, police departments need to look for creative ways to do their jobs.

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April 8, 2022
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

Law enforcement is constantly evolving and facing new issues. However, three of the most common issues are dealing social pressures, “re-imagining” policing, and the use of technology with traditional policing methods. At LiveView Technologies, our goal is to help you confront these issues and give you the tools to navigate them a little easier.

Social pressures

Today, social pressures drive many law enforcement decisions. Budgets are being cut and police departments are forced to make hard decisions to stay within that budget, all the while trying to balance these concerns with the often conflicting desire to make law enforcement more visible. Furthermore, unforeseeable events like the COVID-19 pandemic can cause further pressures with its increased government mandates, personnel safety, and more.

The LVT solution helps balance these social pressures by maintaining a low cost of ownership and by augmenting the boots on the ground. The LVT solution does not require high-cost IT departments, nor does it rely on expensive installation. Instead, it is quick to install, adjust, and remove without expensive specialists. Therefore, if you have an annual event that only lasts one weekend, like an art festival, the LVT Units can be installed where you need it, save you from placing personnel there, and be removed after the event is over. Paying for expensive, permanent security is a thing of the past. This logic can be applied to other reoccurring events like the local high school football season or even to events like one-night concerts. With the LVT solution, your boots on the ground go further and allow you to focus your assets where they are most needed.

“Re-imagining” policing

Because of how fast social pressures are impacting police work, departments have to react just as quickly to re-imagine police work. Now, it may not be possible to have officers physically at each event, location, or hotspot. Maybe it won’t fit in the budget anymore, or maybe it isn’t safe for the officers to be physically present. Either way, the LVT solution can help re-imagine traditional police work through overt or covert methods.

The LVT D3 Mobile Security unit relies heavily on overt security methods. It is highly visible and, because of its visibility, acts as a strong deterrent. Furthermore, it is completely customizable from the type of cameras to the color of strobe lights it uses. However, if you want a more covert method the LVT solution can adapt to fit your needs. One police force in Florida placed LVT units in a park, but had the units watching for heat signatures coming and going from a known drug house a quarter of a mile away. Just placing the units at a different location allowed this department to take a covert approach with the LVT solution. However, if this is not enough, the LVT head unit can be mounted on a pole, tripod, wall, or a building.

Technology as a tool

Technology that can improve police work is advancing daily. It is no longer required to have personnel physically watch every second of footage. Instead, technology can watch for you and alert you when something requires your attention.

The LVT solution with the LVT Command Center handles the technical aspect of security so you don’t have to. It allows you to customize alerts, program each unit’s response when an alert is triggered, and more. You can even tell the unit to have a different response to a car versus a human being. It can alert you to someone loitering after hours or if someone is parked in the fire zone. The versatility of the LVT solution makes it a powerful tool that can help optimize a police department’s time and resources.

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