LVT Values: Do Right

We do the right things for the right reasons.

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March 25, 2021
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

Our company values are more than just words on a poster hanging in each department—they are who we are. Our four values are the core of LiveView Technologies. We try to live by them in our interactions with customers and each other. Our first value is to do right—to do right by each other and to do right in our work.  

This value, while simple, is the biggest contributing factor to LVT. It requires commitment and buy-in from every employee and guides everything we do as a company, from our manufacturing to our sales. By doing right, we build trust, respect, and strong internal and external connections. It creates a solid foundation for happy and successful employees, an enduring culture, and great partnerships.

Happy and successful

We believe that a company’s success starts with the employees. At LVT, our employees do right every day. This leads to more success, less stress, and more engagement. Furthermore, doing right helps facilitate good, high-quality work and accomplishments. It isn’t about half-done jobs and projects. Rather, doing right is about putting the best into each project and taking the time to do it right.

An enduring culture

This value is the basis of our culture at LVT. We believe by doing right, we are better positioned for success now and in the future. This mentality attracts strong employees who will further the effort to treat each other fairly. It also sets the foundation for doing good business. We want our exceptional internal culture to influence our dealings externally. For example, because we have the right manufacturing procedures, you as the customer can enjoy a quality unit that produces outstanding results.

Great partnerships

As LVT grows, we want to build on our tradition of doing right. As we partner with more corporations around the world, we want to be known as the company that works above and beyond expectations to ensure that we meet your needs. We are a company of real people who solve real problems in the right way.

We believe in a higher calling than just business. We don’t lose sight of what’s really important—people. We put people first, take care of our families and coworkers, and look after our vendors and clients. You can count on our honesty because we are committed to doing what’s right.

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