Betting on Strong Security

Don’t Gamble On Protecting Your Assets.

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July 21, 2021
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Michael Hanks
Customer Marketing Manager
LiveView Technologies

I lost 10 bucks in Las Vegas this weekend. It was a roller coaster of dollars going back and forth between the house and me. They won. I’ll get back on my feet soon.

Now, I know what you’re saying. “10 bucks? That’s basically nothing...but that was also such a great story!” And you know what? You’re right. So, if you ever want a mediocre roulette strategy or a tip on how to tell amazing short stories, I’m your guy.

Gambling with a few bucks here and there typically isn’t frowned upon, but gambling with your remote security system should be. You may luck out here and there, but if you aren’t set up right, the losses can be extreme.

Cheesy segway aside, I do hear so many stories from our customers about past incidents that cost them hundreds of thousands in loss/damage, or individuals’ safety and security, or both. They needed a solution to protect employees and customers visiting their locations. They needed a solution that can help protect their company assets. They needed a solution that when implemented, would detect, deter, defend whatever it was they needed to protect.

I also hear so many stories from our customers that once they implemented LiveView Technologies’ solutions, negative incidents significantly went down. The safety of individuals went up. Peace of mind grew. Just this week I was on a call with a customer and they said that the value our units bring is “priceless.”

I’m not saying that LVT’s solution is the best solution for you, my goal isn’t to pitch you here, but obviously, I am biased, and if you do need a security solution you should definitely get a demo. What I AM saying is, that in today’s world, we need solutions that prove effective in helping us live a more peaceful life. So much bad is out there, and there are technologies that can help us avoid that. Gambling with those security solutions is not a good strategy. You’ll end up losing to the house.

What have been the best strategies or processes you’ve put in place? I want to know! Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and share. I would love to hear about your best security practices...and gambling tips.

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