Benefits of Using LiveView Technologies for Surveillance

What make LVT security the premiere solution for mobile surveillance? Learn more below.

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January 23, 2024
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Kailey Boucher
Marketing Writer

If there is one true constant in life, it’s that choices have consequences. 

If I ignore that pesky software update, my computer will force it upon me at the most inconvenient moment possible. If I binge-watch my favorite show all night, I'll be begging for a double shot of caffeine the next morning. 

Sometimes, I’m willing to make a choice even though I know there will be unfavorable consequences. I’ve made it to the final episode of Succession and I must know who will be crowned as Logan’s successor—I’m not hitting pause now. Who cares if I have to wake up early tomorrow? Not me. 

But other decisions are less trivial—the consequences will be greater than me rolling up to work feeling a little groggy. When it comes to the decision of which security solution to choose, it's not just about a temporary inconvenience; it's about safeguarding your assets, protecting lives, and ensuring the smooth operation of your business. The wrong choice could mean financial losses, jeopardized safety, compromised data, or all of the above.

LiveView Technologies (LVT) has set a new standard in the surveillance industry. What makes them the best option on the market? Let’s take a deep-dive. 


LVT has transformed the world of surveillance by offering businesses the ultimate benefit: remote accessibility. But, what makes remote surveillance the best kind of surveillance? 

First, remote security is economic and efficient. While the value of human intuition and decision-making in security can’t be understated, leveraging the strengths of automated solutions can reduce costs and maximize the efforts of your existing team. For example, where usually you might need four or five people onsite to watch over a large property, with remote security cameras and real-time alerts, a single person can oversee that same space.

Second, remote security brings peace of mind. No matter your industry, security is a non-negotiable priority. LVT offers both proactive and reactive security solutions, allowing for a comprehensive approach that minimizes risks and vulnerabilities. With LVT Units watching over your assets, day and night, rain or shine, you gain the invaluable gift of peace of mind.


Every LVT Unit pairs with the LVT Platform, our very own cloud-based video management system (VMS). This centralized dashboard gives you access to live feeds and allows you to adjust camera angles, receive real-time alerts, and so much more, from a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. Traditional surveillance typically chains you to a physical monitoring room, which often becomes a bottleneck—you’ll inevitably go out for lunch, go on vacation, or take a sick day. But even when you’re off the clock or out of town, LVT’s cloud-based platform ensures that your surveillance never misses a beat. 

Linking your system to the cloud also means enhanced data security. In the event of any damage to your onsite systems, the cloud ensures that your data remains untouched and intact. Furthermore, cybersecurity and maintenance are handled by the cloud provider, which means you're spared from the hassles of software updates, routine maintenance, and other cybersecurity measures. 

To summarize, cloud storage means better efficiency, enhanced security, and more time for you to get things done. It doesn’t get much better than that. 


LVT Units are engineered for resilience. With an ingress protection rating (IP) of 54, they can withstand dust and water sprays and even continue functioning when facing wind speeds of up to 60 mph. Conditions aren’t always convenient, and you need a solution that can literally weather the storm.

But their endurance isn't limited to just weather extremes. In situations where conventional power and connectivity sources fail—such as natural disasters—LVT Units remain operational. Our solar powered security cameras are complemented by backup smart generators and don’t need Wi-Fi to function. Outdoor security cameras without Wi-Fi? Yep, you read that right. 

From monitoring flood conditions, to safeguarding storefronts, securing emergency clinics, critical infrastructure, and government properties, our units consistently deliver unparalleled reliability in a wide range of challenging environments. LVT Units have become a trusted ally in ensuring safety and security—any time, any where, in any condition. 


LVT Units stand tall—22 feet, to be exact—sure, but they stand out in other ways, too. They rise above the competition in functionality, reliability, and adaptability. They offer unmatched efficiency and peace of mind. They give you the freedom to monitor from anywhere and eliminate the limitations of traditional surveillance solutions. 

In any environment, whether battling the elements or safeguarding vital data, our LVT Units remain reliable, secure, and accessible. LVT Units prove time and time again that they're not just in the security game—they're leading it. 

If you’re looking for the most reliable, adaptable solution on the market, you've come to the right place. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you keep your property, assets, employees, and customers safe. 

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