Answering Your Most Asked Questions From Social Media

Read our responses to the top three questions asked on our social media pages.

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May 28, 2021
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Michael Hanks
Customer Marketing Manager
LiveView Technologies

Our social media accounts see some pretty decent action. As we continue to monitor, engage, and respond to as many conversations as we can, we tend to see a lot of the same questions over and over. So I thought I'd share some high level responses to your top three questions asked on our Facebook and LinkedIn.

Question 1: “Do they work in bad weather?”

Answer: Yes! Typically the way our solar panels are angled, snow and ice build-up has rarely, if ever, been a concern. As far as cloudy days, that is to be expected, but even then our units in areas of low sunshine see very little downtime. We do have supplemental power source options that help keep battery levels full, including our brand new product offering with SFC Energy AG!

Question 2: “Are your units vulnerable to theft and vandalism?”

Answer: While no unit is immune from these things, we definitely take it seriously. As soon as a unit is tampered with, cameras are honed in on the unit, alerting, and livestreaming the whole event so authorities can be contacted ASAP. Hitches and other access areas are secured with locks, and each unit is equipped with GPS tracking and other cool technologies to prevent theft. Last but not least, we do insure them in case anything does happen!

Question 3: “Why do you not show your pricing on your site?”

Answer: There are a lot of factors that will go into LVT pricing. Quantity of units, types of units, data storage, video quality needs, etc. are just a few things that can change your overall cost. With dozens of world class camera and sensor options, combined with various mounting options, and our software platform, the entire LVT system is truly customizable. Pricing varies so much based on the needs of the customer. 

Are there any other main questions you have? We are happy to answer! Go ahead and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook and connect with us! We’re always happy to see new friends there!

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