A Real-World LVT Story: What Neighbors Think About an LVT Unit In a Residential Construction Zone  

See how one community feels about having a LVT Unit in their neighborhood.

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April 10, 2023
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I see a LVT Unit outside of my kitchen window every night. It’s about 0.75 miles away in a residential development, and it’s got a blue blinking light that can be seen literally for miles around when the sun goes down. At first, I thought it was a low-flying UFO (just kidding).

On a hill near my home, there’s a luxury residential development being built, and about four weeks ago the construction company put a LVT mobile, remote trailer unit in the middle of the residential development. They’re building 30–50 luxury homes and about halfway up that hill—in the middle of a mixture of a construction zone and new, finished homes—sits the LVT Unit.

There are no wires running to it. There’s no internet running to it. There’s not even any electricity running to it and yet every day and night, rain or shine, it feeds back video to the construction company, runs the cameras and its blinking light, and deters thieves.

Why did they use LVT and do neighbors like it?

To be clear, I haven’t talked to the construction company directly. However, I have talked to people who own new homes nearby, including a good friend who owns a home right next to where the LVT Unit is placed. The neighbors say that before the LVT Unit showed up there was some minor vandalism, some theft of construction equipment and tools, and some people using the dumpsters meant for construction waste as their own personal trashcan (one lady even threw an old couch in the dumpster).

So, the construction company started using LVT. They placed the mobile unit with the camera, the solar panels, and the blinking blue light about halfway into the development and set it up. It was simple, easy, and effective. And immediately the neighbors noticed a difference.

Since the unit went up, they’ve had no vandalism, no theft and no couches thrown in dumpsters. “It make us feel safe,” said one neighbor. “We feel like there’s an eye in the sky watching out for our neighborhood. I hope we can keep it here even after all the homes are built!”

And that’s the key. The LVT Unit makes people feel safe.

What do people in my neighborhood think?

Remember that people in my neighborhood can see the flashing blue light from the fancy neighborhood every evening. And it’s a topic of discussion in the suburbs: “What is that blue light flashing in the new development? Is it a camera system? It’s not hooked up to any wires how would it even work?”

It started out as a curiosity for neighbors. But now—and this is wild—people want one in our neighborhood. They’ve talked to their friends in the fancy neighborhood and heard how safe it makes them feel, how construction theft has gone down, and how minor vandalism has disappeared. And now people in my neighborhood are asking about LVT and want a unit.

That’s the beauty of the mobile, remote, and rapidly deployed surveillance and security that LVT provides—it can be set up anywhere, anytime. And it’s so overt, so obvious, that it will deter criminals, dumb vandalizing teenagers, or some lady who wants to get rid of an old couch in your dumpster.

The blinking blue light I see from my kitchen window has one simple message: crime isn’t allowed here. That blue light helps people feel safe.

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