7 Advantages of Installing a Solar-Powered Security System

Solar-powered security systems have multiple advantages to traditional, wired systems. Here are seven reasons why.

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December 20, 2023
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Nikki Siegel
Marketing Writer

Security systems are known for their ability to deter and detect crime, providing crucial evidence if something does happen. They offer numerous benefits to companies, but there are some drawbacks as well, particularly when it comes to securing and monitoring locations that don’t have existing infrastructure to support the network of cameras.

Thankfully, there’s a game-changing solution to these issues: solar-powered security systems.

Solar technology is becoming an increasingly popular choice for property owners and it’s little wonder why: By using solar panel integration in security systems, companies can enjoy the deter-and-detect effect of security systems without having to worry about accessible infrastructure or increased energy costs.

If you need more reasons to look into solar-powered systems, consider these seven big advantages of solar-powered security cameras:

1. Ease of Deployment

Since the sun is providing the power, there’s no need for expensive and time-consuming infrastructure when it comes to solar security cameras. This means you don’t have weeks of disruption as your parking lot is overhauled, you don’t incur additional labor costs, and you don’t inconvenience your customers or your employees as you work to create a safer, more secure environment.

LVT Units, which come already equipped with solar panels and camera mounts, can be deployed in mere minutes. All you have to decide is where to park it. (And even that can be adjusted if you aren’t happy with your first placement!)

This easy, wire-free, and time-effective deployment is perfect for parking lots, construction sites, event grounds, and just about anywhere else the sun shines.

2. Mobility of the Units

One of the biggest advantages of solar-powered mobile security units is right there in the name: mobility. If at any point you decide you aren’t happy with the placement of your security unit, it can be repositioned in a few minutes.

This mobility allows you to experiment with the best vantage points, reposition as a jobsite progresses, and adapt with any changing needs.

3. Built for Low- to No-Utility Situations

Because solar power isn’t reliant on the standard power grid, you don’t need infrastructure to connect you with your video feed. You don’t even need Wi-Fi to connect your LVT Unit to the cloud (since LVT Units use cellular connectivity to send requested video footage).

This makes these solar-powered units ideal for remote sites and other locations that are typically underserved by surveillance equipment.

4. Low Maintenance

Wired security systems come with, well, wires. Lots and lots of wires. And all of those cables eventually experience wear and tear—and sometimes even tampering by unauthorized parties looking for a chance to disable your outdoor security system.

Solar-powered systems, on the other hand, don’t have all of those external cables to maintain and replace. These self-sufficient units are specifically designed to be as low maintenance as possible, freeing you from dependence on external power systems (that may go down in the event of an accident or severe weather). Even the smart backup generators that serve LVT Units in case of power problems require minimal maintenance and refueling.

The LVT Unit’s durable, weather-resistant design provides hands-off reliability even in the harshest conditions.

5. Reliable, 24/7 Power

While solar panels rely on the sun for power, that doesn’t mean your solar-powered unit only operates during daylight hours. In addition to powering the cameras, the panels also feed energy into six deep cycle batteries with 460 AG battery capacity. These batteries allow that solar energy to extend all hours of the night and even assist with power during inclement weather (though quality solar panels can still receive some power even on overcast days).

Even winter months with their shorter daylight hours still provide that reliable, consistent power source.

If you’re concerned about extreme inclement weather or other, less predictable problems, LVT Units are also able to be equipped with smart backup generators that instantly kick on in case of a solar power disruption.

6. Sustainable, Clean Energy

Solar panels are often one of the first things people think of when considering clean energy, and for good reason. The sun doesn’t turn off or run out (at least not for several billion years), making it easily one of the most sustainable energy sources out there. (Did you know that just an hour and a half of the sun’s light on the Earth would be enough to power the entire earth for a year?)

Solar-powered systems are completely self-reliant, freeing you from overuse of fossil fuels and reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the lack of required infrastructure also saves on the fossil fuels that would be burned in the process of getting a traditional wired system up and running because of the heavy equipment required to trench and install those utilities.

7. Cost-Saving Benefits

A traditional wired security system is constantly pulling from the power grid—and pulling up your energy bill right along with it. Solar eliminates the additional energy costs.

Solar-powered systems also save you from having to install costly infrastructure (including saving money on labor, equipment, and materials), and the simple setup doesn’t require expensive hours from a professional installation company.

Interested in your own solar-powered security system? Contact LVT to request a demo today.

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