Alert Response Services

Increased Protection

Alert Based Response

LVT has partnered with multiple third-parties to make your property safer. Now, when an alert is generated by your LVT Unit, the third-party will respond to it and take the appropriate action, whether that’s calling out trespassers through the on-unit speaker, contacting you, or informing the local authorities. We offer multiple packages so you can have the right level of response for your property’s needs.

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Flow of Service

Human or
Vehicle Alerts
  • Analytic zones of interest set to alert
  • Schedule based on closed property
  • Threat assessment or remote video patrols
  • Our third-party service providers engage with potential security threats to your property with (+/-)120 dB speakers to observe and report
  • Live interaction and notification in real-time for unwanted activity
  • Reach out to client if unauthorized activity appears non-suspicious but out of the ordinary
  • If unwanted visitors do not leave, the team will escalate to a guard or local authorities and notify client of actions taken
Post-Incident Recap
  • Detailed recap of incident provided via email
  • VMS log in still available for client to download recordings
Find the Right Fit


Considering the individual industry, pain points, schedule, and needs, LVT makes a custom match between the customer and the ideal central station.


Whether it's fuel theft, homelessness, loitering, or employee/customer safety, we focus on your specific issues and ensure alerts efficiently indicate valid concern.


Most alerts happen when your business is closed. We will work with you to discuss different options to create the most effective alerting hours.


Third-party central stations are rigorously trained on analytic zones and areas of interest with advanced technology in order to alarm based on intelligence not motion.


Operators assess the threat to property based on the alert received. They will call you to verify activity on-site or escalate to the police department.

Make Informed Decisions

Intelligent Reporting

Service Level Reports

  • What incidents happen on my property?
  • Incident type
  • Frequency of deterrents
  • Outcome based reporting

ROI Reports

  • Meaningful information
  • Live talk down that deterred crime
  • Police were dispatched
  • How many alerts are sent each month?
  • What is happening on  my property?
Beat the Odds

Increased Police Response

Due to officer shortages and other pressures on public resources, several police departments have adopted policies that involve responding exclusively to verified alarm activations. The inclusion of video verification and remote agents enhances public safety and the probability of police intervention.

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