Fast Food and Restaurant Security

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LVT products and services are now GSA approved.

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Cutting-edge Security

Protect Your Fast Food Restaurant With Business Security Cameras

Mobile security units from LVT help fast food locations, cafes, and other restaurants deter crime on their properties. Our camera units are equipped with lights and speakers so they can help combat everything from violent crime and trafficking to trespassing and panhandling. 

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Fast Food Security

Increase Restaurant Safety and Security

The point of quick service restaurants is to be quick, not delayed by loiterers, vandals, and other criminals. Also, who wants to stop for food in a dangerous area? No one. That’s why we help franchises across the country secure their parking lots and increase safety. One franchise even saw a 56% decrease in all incidents after deploying LVT.

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Keep Your Business Safe

Crimes Hurting the Restaurant Industry

Restaurants are high traffic locations. Large amounts of vehicles, people, and money are constantly going in and out of them. This makes them great hiding places for fleeing suspects, tempting targets for thieves, and more. Learn more about crimes affecting the industry and how we can help reverse the trend.

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Mobile Security Cameras for Your Business

Our units don’t have external wires and they run on solar power, which means they can go almost anywhere on your property—from the front of the restaurant to the drive thru and the back dumpster.

Simple Scalability

LVT's surveillance systems are scalable, making them a great choice for fast food restaurants looking to expand their reliable security measures as they grow. They can be scaled up or down depending on your restaurant’s requirements. 

With our proprietary software and nationwide network of support agents, we make it easy to:  perform mass configurations across any number of units, manage units remotely, limit the need for in-person service calls, and quickly have a technician on site when needed.