Retail Security

The biggest retail brands in the world use LiveView Technologies to reduce parking lot incidents by up to 70%. You should too.

You can rapidly deploy surveillance units in any parking lot in less than 30 minutes (not joking). You don't need to run one wire, provide internet, or even have electricity. It's all solar panels and simplicity. And you'll notice an immediate impact.

Learn how one large retailer reduced parking lot incidents by 40% to 70%
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License plate recognition

Technology to track who's in your lot

Simply sticking a camera in the air and being able to move it around remotely and record video is cool. But don't stop there. You can use thermal sensors to see at night. Set up perimeters and receive alerts when someone crosses them. Set up flashing blue light, strobe lights, gunshot detection, two-way speakers, and even license plate detection.

You can add or remove these features at-will. It's all completely customizable for you.

And the mere presence of an LVT camera unit in your parking lot and on your property will deter crime, reduce incidents, and make your parking lot feel safer.

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Fully ReMOTE and LIVE

Surveillance wherever you need it

The beauty of LVT is that the camera, the technology, the surveillance, the sensors are all truly remote. This means you don't need to rip up your parking lot and run wires to the back corner to stick a surveillance camera on a pole.

You don't need internet, power, or even wires. The units simply roll into place and they work. With solar power and cell service, these devices truly work 'on the edge.'

Have a parking lot that has issues with loitering? Set up loitering sensors and pre-recorded audio messages or alarms. What about retail loss prevention? LIVE VMS and recorded views can alert your team when there's an issue. What if you don't want to pay someone to watch your cameras 24/7? That's fine too. Simple alerts can do that work for you.

World-Class Technology

Access anywhere through the Cloud

You don't have the time or money to set up some gigantic security system. You need to protect your customers, reduce parking lot incidents and loss. LVT camera units are simple to set up, easy to use, and don't even require someone from your corporate IT office to come and manage it.

Just roll it out and set it up and you'll have a live view of your parking lot by logging into the LVT Platform.

Immediately deployed

LVT units can be rolled into the back corner of your parking lot (or the front corner, or anywhere) and set up within minutes.

Remote Control

Pull out your phone while watching a movie and check a camera, change an audio message, or even manage your thermal sensors. Complete VMS access from wherever you are.

Smarter Access Control

This is cloud-based access control and video security. You manage who has access to what AND you see data on who's actually logging in.

Completely Custom

Maybe you just want live and recorded video? Great. Or, perhaps you need thermal sensors, license plate reading, strobe lights, alerts and notifications and two-way audio? That's great too.

Monitor Camera Health

With most surveillance systems you're flying blind. You don't know a camera is about to break, the power is about to go down, or if the software is failing. With LVT you will. See real-time health analytics for your entire system customized to your needs.

Limitless Scalability

We have retail giants that use tens of thousands of LVT units, and we have small retail businesses that use only one.

Cloud-Based Software

No more servers, heavy infrastructure, or a CIA-like room with screens everywhere. LVT is cloud-based surveillance for the 2020s not the 1990s.

World-class Hardware

You can plug your existing hardware into the LVT Platform OR you can use LVT hardware. The solution is completely customizable.

"There will always be a need in certain situations to have a physical security guard, but LiveView Technologies allows the industry to really revolutionize that model."
John Doggette, Director Asset Protection | LOWE'S

Try it free for 30 days

We'll let you put remote LVT units in your parking lots for 30 days for free. If it doesn't decrease your incidents, we'll come and pick it up and you'll never hear from us again (well, we might email you or something, but you know what we mean).