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Our customers span across multiple industries and use cases of the LVT solutions. See our LVT Unit in a retail parking lot setting.

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Our customers span across multiple industries and use cases of the LVT solutions. See our LVT Unit in a retail parking lot setting. Advanced surveillance with parking lot cameras and parking facility security technology have revolutionized the way parking lot security is managed. Public concern for personal safety have prompted businesses to prioritize parking area security enhancements. Real-time monitoring and video surveillance capabilities provide a crucial layer of defense against potential criminals, acting not only as a deterrence but as an indispensable tool in documentation and evidence collection for commercial security.

The Importance of Parking Lot Security and Parking Lot Safety

Parking lot security has become an increasingly critical concern as the frequency of criminal activity in such open spaces persists. In 2020 alone, over 1,400 parking lot crimes a day were recorded in parking lots and garages, showcasing a troubling environment that demands effective security measures. Not only does parking lot security service protect individuals from potential harm, but it also mitigates substantial financial loss. 

An essential component of security is adequate lighting. Brighter parking lots leave fewer shadows and hiding spots for criminals, thus acting as a deterrent and providing an enhanced sense of personal safety for users. Modern parking security leans heavily on security camera technology. Advanced surveillance systems fitted with strategically positioned security cameras enable real-time monitoring of the premises. This is not simply about capturing incidents on video from security cameras for later review but serves a dual purpose as a psychological deterrent to potential criminals.

Aside from the technology, human vigilance in the form of trained security personnel or a parking lot security guard can dramatically improve the safety of parking facilities. Security Officer regular patrols signify an active security presence, capable of responding quickly to suspicious activity or emergencies. Overall, investing in parking lot security through both advanced technology and skilled human surveillance can not only deter crime and enhance safety but also save significant costs arising from criminal activity due to negligent security practices.

LVT's mobile security units fall under emerging trends in parking lot security camera technology. High resolution security cameras, strobe and floodlights, a talk-down speaker, and a fully mobile trailer paired with proprietary software which includes an edge controller and cloud storage makes for a state-of-the-art parking lot security system. Protect people, community, and property with LVT's remote, mobile security units.

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