LVT Case Study

Community Action Services & Food Bank

Property Management
Provo, UT
Community Action Services and Food Bank is a nonprofit in Provo, UT offering multiple programs to help solve poverty and serve the community. Back in 2008, they started the Community Garden Program, which allows anyone in the community to pay a small fee to rent a plot of land for gardening. The program provides the land, water, and gardening tools.
United States Capitol

“Last year, this community garden dealt with theft and people wandering through at all hours of the night. Since the [LVT] camera has been up, we’ve had zero issues with theft which is a great improvement.”

Hillary Whittaker
Volunteer Coordinator and Community Garden Manager


Set up in minutes‍

Zero thefts

and no trespassing

24/7 views

of the garden

Another set of eyes


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