What Does the LVT Mean on the Utah Jazz Jersey?

Each Jazz player has a logo on their jersey. But whose logo is it and what does it mean?

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April 12, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

Maybe you’re a current Utah Jazz fan, a holdover from the 1997–1998 season, or even just love basketball in general, but either way, you’ve probably noticed the letters “LVT” on the players’ jerseys. Maybe you saw the image of Anthony Edwards’ dunk against the Jazz this season and saw LVT on the screens behind him in the Delta Center.

But who is LVT? What does it stand for?

Unlike the sports definition of “low volume training” or the more common construction/home DIY usage of “luxury vinyl tile,” LVT stands for LiveView Technologies. We’re a physical security company based in American Fork, UT and the current jersey patch sponsors of the Utah Jazz.

We build and program mobile surveillance units which are deployed to parking lots, construction sites, event venues, and more. In fact, if you attend a Jazz game in person, you will see some of our units in the parking lot, around the Delta Center, and even inside the arena.

Every one of our units is made for one purpose—to increase safety and security. For example, we partner with many customers in the retail industry. They will place an LVT Unit, or even several units, in their parking lots to increase safety for their customers and employees, protect their assets, decrease crime, and deter potential bad actors.

Customers in the critical infrastructure industry put our units at their remote substations, hydroelectric dams, water treatment facilities, and more. They use them to deter thieves, trespassers, and vandals. They also use their LVT Units to keep people from wandering where they shouldn’t be—places where they could be injured or killed if they don’t know what they’re doing.

How does LVT work?

LVT Units use a combination of solar power and cellular connectivity to make video surveillance portable. Each solar powered camera unit can have a floodlight, strobe lights, and a loudspeaker that not only adds 24/7 surveillance to the property but also active deterrence. In short, the bad guys see the unit with its flashing lights and cameras, know that it increases their chances of getting caught, and go away.

The units are also equipped with analytics that help detect trespassers and loiterers. Once they are detected, an alert is sent to the end user who can log in to the unit from their phone, evaluate the situation, and decide what action to take. This may include speaking through the on-unit speaker, warning the trespasser off or calling the local police department.

Does LVT work?

We deployed LVT Units in bulk to the cities of Opelika, AL and Paducah, KY. These cities didn’t have LVT Units before the deployment and had high amounts of crime. We deployed them for six months and, with the help of the LPRC, measured the effects before and after. Here are some of the results:

  • 40% decrease in shoplifting in Opelika
  • 43% decrease in trespassing in Paducah
  • 54% drop in burglaries in Paducah
  • 15% decrease in property crime in both cities
  • 10% drop in overall crime rates in both cities

If you want to read more about this effort, check out our ACCESS Taskforce page.

Ready to learn more?

The next time you see the Utah Jazz take the court, you’ll know what LVT stands for. Our goal is to increase safety and security across the country by working with businesses, cities, and communities. 

Contact us to learn more.

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