Customized Security Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Whether you need one unit or thousands, a customized solution or a standard option—we've got you covered.

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January 27, 2022
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Kailey Boucher
Marketing Writer

At LiveView Technologies (LVT), we take pride in the fact that we have security solutions for just about any business out there. Security is one of those things that doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution; a national retailer is going to have very different needs than a small-town family-owned business, and those needs may change over time. Our solutions are completely customizable, which means no matter what your situation looks like, we have the tools you need to take total control of your security. In addition to customizability, we build our solutions with scalability in mind so that as your needs evolve, our security solutions can evolve with them. We don’t expect you to blindly take our word for it, though. Here are two examples that prove that LVT can help you find a solution for any security pain point. 

Monitoring wind speed at distribution centers 

Distribution centers are filled with valuable merchandise, making them a huge target for organized retail crime. Various retailers use LVT’s commercial security cameras to deter crime and defend those distribution centers. Theft, however, is not the only problem that distribution centers face. Last year, one of the retailers we provide distribution center surveillance for approached us with a new problem. Distribution trucks can’t be safely unloaded when wind speeds are high, and they had yet to find a convenient solution that would monitor wind speeds and alert them of hazardous unloading conditions.

Wind speed was an obstacle LVT had never dealt with before, but we were determined to find a solution. After extensive research and internal collaboration, we leveraged our IoT platform capabilities to provide real-time wind speed information for this customer. This feature allows them to halt operations immediately if wind conditions become dangerous. Furthermore, because this solution required no additional hardware or new partnerships, the customer saved time, energy, and money.

Lone worker safety alerts 

One of our customers in the food services and delivery industry has over 300 locations around the United States and uses LVT Units to prevent catalytic converter theft. After seeing good results for the original pain point they partnered with us to solve, the customer came back to us and pitched a new use case for their LVT Units—lone employee safety. You see, theft doesn’t just pose a risk for material goods; working in an industry with high crime rates is also a risk for employees–especially employees who work alone. Our customer figured that LVT Units were doing a great job of protecting their material goods, so why not also find a way to use them to ensure safety for their employees who work night shifts alone? 

After gaining a deeper understanding of the problem, we implemented an employee safety feature by setting up a negative alert system. We geofenced an area around the walls of the buildings where employees work night shifts alone. When an employee enters that geofenced area, an alert is logged. If no alert is logged for a specified length of time, the unaccompanied employee might be in danger and our customer can send help to the site immediately. 

Perhaps the most exciting part about this negative alert functionality is that it required zero new technology or hardware. The ease of implementing this software customization speaks to the flexibility of our existing system. We build our units with scalability, customization, and future innovation in mind. When you invest in LVT security solutions, you’re not just solving your current pain points—you’re adding scalable security products to your toolbox that can adapt as your business evolves and new pain points arise. 

Although our security solutions look different depending on the needs of each of our customers, one thing is true for every LVT customer, by adding our security solutions to your toolbox, you gain access to the best tools that the security industry has to offer. Whether you need a single commercial security camera or hundreds of solar surveillance trailers, as your business grows and evolves, LVT solutions will scale with you. If you’ve been thinking about upping your security game but you’re not sure where to get started, our team is here to help you understand your options and guide you through the process.

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