3 Ways LVT Improves Business Intelligence

Business security cameras can help with more than just safety and security. Learn three ways they can help increase your business intelligence.

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January 23, 2024
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Kailey Boucher
Marketing Writer

Remember in school how sometimes teachers would let you fill a notecard with information to reference during a test? You’d fill the card with math equations, foreign language conjugation charts, or maybe even information you were pretty sure you already knew but didn’t want to risk forgetting. You’d agonize over the size of your handwriting and cram as much information as was humanly possible onto that tiny piece of cardstock—not an inch of the notecard would go unused.

No matter how much you study for a test, it’s always helpful to have a cheat sheet. The more information you have at your fingertips, the better you’ll be able to make decisions. The same is true in the world of business. Professional security cameras and surveillance software give you crucial insight into your business—almost like a cheat sheet. By arming yourself with surveillance footage and data, you can analyze situations and make better business decisions.


Staying ahead requires more than just instinct; it demands insightful decision-making fueled by data. Our professional outdoor security cameras safeguard your team, property, and assets, but also bring your business intelligence to the next level. Let’s talk about how they do it. 


Your ability to keep customers happy is directly tied to the success of your business. Identifying their pain points and understanding their shopping journey will help you enhance customer engagement, build trust, and win repeat business. Each piece of information you gather is a vital piece of the puzzle, and one of the best ways to gather a lot of customer data with minimal effort is through the use of surveillance cameras. 

Surveillance cameras allow you to identify peak hours and busy seasons. You can use this information to ensure that there are always enough employees available to assist customers. This prevents long wait times, enhances customer service, and creates a smoother shopping experience. Additionally, it allows you to allocate resources more efficiently by adjusting inventory levels based on anticipated customer footfall.

Video analytics also offer insights into customer preferences. If video footage indicates that a particular entrance of your store attracts the highest volume of foot traffic, you can strategically position eye-catching displays or promotions to capture customer attention before they even set foot in your store. 


Operational efficiency is the cornerstone of success. Surveillance cameras give you a panoramic view of every facet of your business operations. The hustle and bustle of incoming deliveries, movement of inventory, and packaging and shipping processes can all be captured, archived, and analyzed. 

Surveillance cameras strategically positioned throughout a facility capture the ebb and flow of inventory movements. They document each delivery and provide a clear record of arrival times and quantities. 

Cameras can also reveal process bottlenecks that may arise during inventory stocking or packaging. With this information, you can swiftly reorganize your operations, reconfigure layouts, or allocate additional resources to eliminate bottlenecks and optimize workflow. 

In the world of construction, time-lapse cameras can take some heavy lifting off of your plate. Capturing an entire project from groundbreaking to completion in rapid succession allows you to monitor productivity and gives you insight into how many hours workers put in. From there, you can pinpoint inefficiencies and reconfigure workflows, as necessary. 


Protecting your property and assets is important, but at the end of the day, nothing matters more than protecting your people. Think of security cameras as your allies in maintaining compliance with safety protocols and industry regulations. The importance of this role cannot be overstated; not only does it prevent accidents and injuries, but it also fosters a culture where the well-being of employees and customers takes precedence. Whether you’re monitoring a construction site, a retail shop, a warehouse, or a public space, surveillance units can help you identify potential hazards and promptly intervene to prevent catastrophes.

Surveillance units can also track patterns of crime and prevent unwanted behaviors in a way that the naked eye can’t (or simply doesn’t have time for). The visual record provided by security cameras gives you an overview of employee conduct, customer interactions, and questionable behavior. This enables the identification of potential risks, provides evidence for law enforcement, and makes it easier to prosecute when necessary. 

Whether your goal is to detect unauthorized personnel, flag suspicious behavior, or foster a safer work environment, LVT Units keep an eye on things at all hours of the day and give you insight you otherwise wouldn't have had. 


If you want to keep your business safe, you need as much information as you can get; knowledge is power. But you’re busy, and you can’t be everywhere all the time to keep an eye on things. Luckily, you don’t have to be.  

Just like those notecards in school that you used to cram information on before tests, recordings and analytics from surveillance solutions act as your cheat sheet for making informed decisions. They empower you with insights, help you optimize operations, and bolster your security efforts. 

Ready to power your business decisions with real-time data and analytics? LVT has got you covered. Learn more about what our security cameras can do here.

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