Kroger Reduces Parking Lot Incidents By 70%

The Kroger Company has more than 2,000 retail locations across the United States. See how they found a cost effective way to increase parking lot security and deter theft.

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Kroger has over 2000 locations throughout North America.

The safety of their associates and customers is the main goal for corporate asset protection. Kroger continually looks for ways to increase safety at their locations for a better experience for employees and customers. As the team explored different options specifically for parking lot surveillance technology they soon discovered the LiveView Technologies platform to be the most comprehensive and affordable. When researching our solutions they found many other retail partners and members within the Loss Prevention Research Council had deployed LiveView rapidly deployable camera units, and had seen tremendous success.

The Asset Protection Department at this large retailer was looking at the long-term goal of ensuring the safety of their customers and associates. Equally important was the short-term goal of lowering parking lot incidents by using a physical deterrent to reduce potential criminal activity. Lastly, they wanted a technology that would enhance investigation when crime occurs.

“Ensuring customers and associates feel safe while in the parking lot is a sales enabler, and deploying technology to help in that effort is a brand enhancer,” said Kevin Larson, Senior Manager of Corporate Asset Protection for Kroger. “It’s the solution that gives us everything we need,” and he went on to mention that our mobility was the most appealing feature. Having security trailer units that could easily and quickly be moved from one area to another within the retail parking lots was crucial.

LiveView trailers were first deployed to a few hundred stores. Initially the Asset Protection Department saw upwards of a 40% reduction rate in parking lot incidents with some stores being as high as 70%. These astounding results are the reason LiveView Technologies is now part of this large retailer's asset protection plan for 2021 and beyond. LVT's technology platform is now part of their security ‘toolbox’ of strategies and initiatives going forward.

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